Salem Hardwood
Salem Hardwood
2880 State Hwy 18
Adamsville, PA 16110
Hardwood timber, logs and lumber

Hardwood Timber, Logs and Lumber

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Hardwood Log/Lumber Buyers:
Landowner/Timber Sellers:
Are you looking for quality grade or industrial hardwood lumber or hardwood logs?

We produce green fresh-sawn hardwood lumber destined for a multitude of end uses. We supply furniture, cabinet, paneling, flooring grade markets, railroad tie and pallet manufacturers. Our newest market of supplying oil and gas field service companies with industrial wood cut to their specifications.

We market our best logs to veneer companies, stave manufacturers and other buyers searching for a steady supply of high quality hardwood. We demand the highest prices for our products, but we deliver on time and stand behind their quality, grade and appearance.

At Salem Hardwood we take a safe and environmentally-friendly approach to logging and standing timber management. We have the expertise and dedicated approach needed for your requirements.
  • Full payment before any timber is removed
  • Selective and shelterwood harvests / timber stand improvement
  • Skidding with horses or modern equipment
  • Certificates of full insurance coverage
  • A long list of satisfied landowner references
  • Finder's fees for referrals to timber that we purchase
  • Our firm commitment that landowner satisfaction is priority #1
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